Custom Pet Portraits

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Custom Pet Portraits From Your Photo

How it works

Just purchase the size custom pet portrait that you want and email the photo that you want me to paint to No need to send several photos. I just work from one, just make sure your pet is posed the way you want painted. Photo should be lighted well, and clear. Natural light works best, flash tends to flatten everything out. Your photo is the only impression I have of you pet, so the better the photo, the better the painting will come out.

Don't worry about the background of the photo, we can change that. The important thing is your pet looks the way you want him to in the painting. 

Once I have the photo, I can crop it to compose a good composition, which I will then email back for your approval. At that time we will discuss background color choices. Please remember it is a painting, not a piece of furniture. I will suggest background colors that best compliment the colors of your pet, not match the colors of your couch.

Time to paint

Once I have your approval on the composition and background color (see my blog post about choosing background colors), I will start the painting. Upon completion, I will email you a scan of the finished portrait for your approval. At that time if you have any minor adjustments I can make them for you. Even after adjustments, if you are still not happy with the portrait, I will refund your money in full. But that rarely happens. (Rejected paintings become the property of the artist to sell.)

How long does it take

I like to say 7-10 days. It depends on how many portraits are lined up before yours. In reality it is usually much quicker. During the holidays, mid November to mid December I usually get pretty backed up with orders, and stop taking orders when I cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas. So best to give it plenty of time during this period.

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