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August's Pet Portrait Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Stephanie M. and her spaniel Freckles. Stephanie's name was randomly chosen from our list of newsletter subscribers to receive a free custom pet portrait. We giveaway a free custom pet portrait every month, and as long as you are a current subscriber to the newsletter, you are always eligible. Not yet a subscriber? You can subscribe to the newsletter and automatically be entered for the monthly giveaway at There is one color that I don't have in my watercolor box, and that is black. Not that there is no place in the art world for the color black. Rembrandt was a master with it. It's just not part of my style. That is because so many colors...

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Custom Pet Portraits: How to choose the perfect background color

Art is not a piece of furniture. Do you really want a portrait of your Yellow Lab to have a beige background and hang on your beige wall? Or a white great pyrenees, with a white background hanging on your white wall? Just because it matches the decor? You didn't choose your pet because Sparky's coloring went perfectly with your sofa. You chose your Sparky for his bubbly personality. Why shouldn't his portrait have personality too?

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