How to Paint a Jack Russell Terrier in Watercolor


Congratulations to Jennifer M. and her aptly named Jack Russell Terrier, Russell. They are April's recipient of a free custom pet portrait. If you haven't yet registered to win a free pet portrait you can sign up for Ron's Newsletter and be automatically entered at

View the video being painted on YouTube

Materials used in Russell's portrait are:

Fabriano 140lb cold pressed paper

Ultramarine Blue

Cerulean Blue

Indian Yellow

Permanent Rose

Permanent Magenta

Winsor Violet

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber

Jennifer wanted a brightly colored background, so I chose Violet and Magenta and a little pink to compliment the yellow in Russell's coloring. I started off by toning the white in Russel's fur with a gray mix of Indian Yellow, Cerulean, and Magenta. Looking back I wish I would have swapped the Magenta with Rose as the magenta was a little strong in the gray mixture.

For the yellow areas in Russell's fur, I used the Indian Yellow combined with either Magenta and Burnt Sienna.

The black areas were a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna. this is my go-to mixture for darks. Depending on the mix it can either lean toward blue or brown.

The darker areas in the background are a mix of Violet and Burnt Sienna.